Franklin City Charter Amendments, Questions 3, 4 and 5 (November 2012)

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Three Franklin City Charter Amendment questions were on the November 6, 2012 election ballot in Warren County, which is in Ohio, where the first was approved and the other two were defeated.

The first question amended the Franklin City Charter to establish the keeping of a Clerk's Journal and to establish that ordinances and resolutions be recorded in the Clerk' Journal.

If approved, the second question would have amended the Franklin City Charter to change the number of copies of standard ordinance or code required to be kept in the office of the City Clerk from 3 to 1.

If approved, the third question would have amendmed the Franklin City Charter with regard to the Civil Service Commission and the terms of its members.[1]

Election results

Franklin City Amendment 3.12 & 4.09
Approveda Yes 2,097 56.39%
Franklin City Amendment 4.10
Defeatedd No1,96851.52%
Yes 1,852 48.48%
Franklin City Amendment 8.04
Defeatedd No2,03852.63%
Yes 1,834 47.37%

Election results from Warren County, Election Results, December 7, 2012

Text of measure

Language on the ballot for the first question:

Shall the proposed amendment of Section 3.12 and Section 4.09 of the Charter of the City of Franklin, be adopted?


The Council shall be a continuing body. The Council shall determine its own rules and order of business, but such rules shall not be in conflict with the provision of this Charter. The Council shall provide for the keeping of a Clerk's Journal and other records of its proceedings. Each The Clerk's Journal and other records of the Council shall be available for public inspection at all reasonable times.


Each ordinance or resolution shall be recorded in a book, as a part of the Clerk's Journal or other record prescribed by the Council, established and maintained for that purpose. The City Clerk or a duly authorized deputy to said Clerk shall, upon the request of any person and upon the payment of a fee as established by the Council, certify true copies of any ordinance or resolution, which certified copies shall be admissible as evidence in any court.



Language on the ballot for the second question:

Shall the proposed amendment of Section 4.10 of the Charter of the city of Franklin, be adopted:


Council may, by ordinance or resolution, adopt standard ordinances and codes prepared by the State, or any department, board or other agency or political subdivision of the State, or any standard or model ordinance or code prepared and promulgated by a public or private organization including, but not limited to, codes and regulations pertaining to fire, fire hazards, fire prevention, plumbing code, electrical code, building code, refrigeration machinery code, piping code, boiler code, heating code, air conditioning code, housing code, and such other matters as the Council may determine to be appropriate for adoption by reference, by incorporation by reference. The ordinance or resolution adopting any such standard ordinance or code shall make reference to the date and source of such standard ordinance or code without reproducing the same at length in the ordinance or resolution. In such cases, publication of the standard ordinance or code shall not be required, but at least three (3) copies a copy of such code or ordinance shall be kept at all times in the office of the City Clerk and available for reference by interested persons, and copies of such standard ordinance and code shall be available for sale by said Clerk. If the standard ordinance or code, after its adoption by reference by the Council, is amended, the Council may adopt the amendment or change by incorporation by reference in an ordinance or resolution under the same procedure as is established herein for the adoption of the original standard ordinance or code without the necessity of setting forth in full in the ordinance or resolution, the provisions of the amendment or change to the standard ordinance or code.



Language of the ballot for the third question:

Shall the proposed amendment of

Section 8.04(a) of the Charter of the City of Franklin, be adopted?


(a) Organization. There shall be a Civil Service Commission consisting of five (5) members, not more than three (3) of whom shall belong to the same political party, who shall be appointed by the City Council. Of the members first appointed, two (2) shall hold office for a term of two (2) years; two (2) for a term of four (4) years; and the other for a term of six (6) years. Their successors shall be appointed for terms of six (6) years. Each member shall be a qualified elector of the City and shall neither hold City office nor City employment. The Council shall fill all vacancies by appointment for the unexpired term. All officers shall be appointed member of said Commission. Each member shall continue in office until his or her successor is appointed.



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