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The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota (FFMN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and education organization in Minnesota. Founded in 2006, it develops and advocates the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, economic freedom, and limited government.


Core values

FFMN lists four major core values to which it adheres:[1]

  • 1. Our primary focus is limited government. We believe that a limited government provides unlimited opportunity for its citizens.
  • 2. We believe in fostering open and honest debate.
  • 3. We seek to inspire and assist the next generation of conservative leaders in Minnesota by providing opportunities to learn and explore free-market solutions.
  • 4. We believe that results matter. We constantly measure our impact on the public policy debate throughout the state.


Capitol Research Center

The Capitol Research Center is a comprehensive website for free-market public policy solutions. FFMN invites policymakers to visit the site to learn free-market views on public policy issues. Major issues include crime, education, government reform, commerce, natural resources, health and human services, tax and fiscal policy, and transportation.

Public policy primers

FFMN creates brief summaries of policy issues to explain free-market alternatives on a number of state issues.

Continuing Legislators Education

Continuing Legislators Education (CLEs) are educational programs put on by FFMN and are open to all public policy makers.

"100 Good Ideas"

FFMN is looking to create a list of "100 Good Ideas for Minnesota’s Future" to help guide state legislators. Citizens are welcome to submit ideas that they feel can and should be done for the future of the state.

State of Conservatism Annual Meeting

Each year the Foundation invites conservatives from throughout the state to discuss the movement and its future.

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