Freedom Partners

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Freedom Partners
President:Marc Short
Vice-president:Richard Fink
Year created:2011
Affiliated with:Freedom Partners
Freedom Partners is a 501(c)(6) chamber of commerce that "promotes the benefits of free markets and a free society." Founded in 2011 as the Association for American Innovation, its headquarters are in Arlington, Virginia.[1]

Its principal goal is "to educate the public about the critical role played by free markets in achieving economic prosperity, societal well-being, and personal happiness. We seek to build support for a fiscally responsible government, and policies that support entrepreneurship, spur job creation, and increase opportunities for all." There are four primary issue areas: health care reform, federal spending, energy policy and cronyism. "Only by getting the government out of the way will individuals be able to build a free and strong society." Freedom Partners builds coalitions by awarding grants to organizations to conduct nonpartisan issue advocacy.[1]

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