Freshman Iowa state legislator calls on GOP leader to resign

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October 13, 2011

Sen. Rick Bertrand

DES MOINES, Iowa: Republican State Senator Rick Bertrand, serving in his first term, called for Senate GOP Leader Paul McKinley's resignation on Wednesday, citing a need for aggressiveness in the upcoming special election on November 8. Democrats currently hold onto the chamber by margin of 25-24. If Republicans are able to pick up the seat, the Senate would be tied 25-25.

“It’s no secret there is a clear and healthy divide with in the Republican Senate and I believe it is time to make a change in leadership. I have great respect for Sen. McKinley and his service as we share many of the same conservative and business values, but it has become painfully clear that he has lost the ability lead this caucus," Bertrand stated.[1]

McKinley, who has served as Senate Minority Leader since November 2008, has recently faced criticism from other members of his party for a lack of leadership. McKinley has been out of the country celebrating his wedding anniversary and has not responded to calls or emails. The next meeting of the Republican caucus is scheduled to take place November 10th.[2]

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