GOP primary race intensifies in Kentucky's 4th congressional district

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May 16, 2012

Kentucky: With the primary just a week away, Republican candidates in Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District are making a last push. There are seven GOP contenders to replace outgoing representative Geoff Davis.[1]

Frontrunners Gary Moore, Thomas Massie and Alecia Webb-Edgington are pulling out all the stops, gathering endorsements[1] and running ad blasts.[2] Webb-Edgington was endorsed by Rep. Davis, former Senator Jim Bunning,[1] and the Kentucky Professional Firefighters Association.[3] Moore, who has raised the most money in the election,[2] was endorsed in the Republican primary by the Northern Kentucky AFL-CIO Central Labor Council.[4]

Massie is the Tea Party favorite, and has recently been endorsed by U.S. Senator Rand Paul, who appeared in a TV ad for Massie. For the last days leading up to the primary, Texas group Liberty For All has spent over half a million dollars airing ads supporting Massie.

In response, Moore and Webb-Edgington have criticized Massie for his out-of-state funding.[2] Webb Edgington said: "I do think the people of the 4th District and the Republicans of the 4th District are smarter than to allow a group of libertarians to come into the commonwealth of Kentucky and try to buy this election."

Moore joined Webb-Edgington's critique, saying his own funding did not come from political action committees.[1] A Massie spokesperson said Massie's funding base was similar to Moore's,[1] and Massie said he thought he was "being unfairly maligned for this participation on behalf of me by this Texas PAC."[2]

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