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Gadsden Independent Schools, New Mexico

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Gadsden Independent Schools
Sunland Park, New Mexico
Gadsden Independent School District.JPG
District Profile
Superintendent:Efren Yturralde
Enrollment:14,182 students
Graduation rate:79.0%[1]
Number of schools:22
Budget: $148.5 million
Website:School Home Page
Board of Education
Board president:Daniel Castillo
Board members:5
Term length:4
Gadsden Independent Schools is a school district in New Mexico that served 14,182 students during the 2011-2012 school year.[2] This district is the fourth-largest by enrollment in the state of New Mexico.

About the district

Gadsden Independent Schools is located in Dona Ana County, New Mexico.

Gadsden Independent Schools is located in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. The county seat is Las Cruces. Dona Ana County is home to 213,460 residents, according to the United States Census Bureau.[3]


Dona Ana County overperformed compared to the rest of New Mexico in terms of higher education achievement in 2012. The United States Census Bureau found that 26.0 percent of Dona Ana County residents aged 25 years and older had attained a bachelor's degree compared to 25.6 percent for New Mexico as a whole. The median household income for Dona Ana County was $38,462 compared to $44,886 for the state of New Mexico. The percentage of people below poverty level for Dona Ana County was 25.8 percent while it was 19.5 percent for the state of New Mexico.[3]

Racial Demographics, 2013[3]
Race Dona Ana County (%) New Mexico (%)
White 92.2 82.9
Black or African American 2.2 2.5
American Indian and Alaska Native 2.3 10.4
Asian 1.3 1.6
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.2 0.2
Two or more race 1.8 2.4
Hispanic or Latino 66.6 47.3

Presidential Voting Pattern[4]
Year Democratic Vote (%) Republican Vote (%)
2012 56.0 41.1
2008 58.0 41.0
2004 51.0 48.0
2000 51.3 45.6

Note: The United States Census Bureau considers "Hispanic or Latino" to be a place of origin, not a race. Therefore, the Census allows citizens to report both their race and that they are from a "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin simultaneously. As a result, the percentages in each column of the racial demographics table will exceed 100 percent. Each column will add up to 100 percent after removing the "Hispanic or Latino" place of origin percentages, although rounding by the Census Bureau may make the total one- or two-tenths off from being exactly 100 percent.[5] This Ballotpedia page provides a more detailed explanation of how the Census Bureau handles race and ethnicity in its surveys.


The superintendent of Gadsden Independent Schools is Efren Yturralde. Appointed to the position by the board of education, Yturralde has served in this role since August 2002. Working in the education field since 1970, he began his career as an elementary classroom teacher and went on to be a middle school and high school principal, interim superintendent and deputy superintendent. Yturralde earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Texas at El Paso and a master's in education and mid-management in supervision from Sul Ross University in Alpine, Texas.[6]

School board

Gadsden Independent Schools are overseen by a five-member board elected to four-year terms by geographic electoral district.[7]

Gadsden Independent Schools Board of Education
Member District Assumed Office Term Ends
Daniel Estupiñan 1 2015 2019
Jennifer Viramontes 2 2005 2017
Maria E. Saenz 3 2019
Daniel Castillo 4 2006 2019
Craig Ford 5 2017

School board elections

See also: Gadsden Independent Schools elections (2015)

Members of the Gadsden Independent Schools board of education are elected to four-year terms. Elections are held the first Tuesday of February every odd-numbered year. Three seats are up for election in 2015 and two seats are up for election in 2017.

Public participation in board meetings

The Gadsden Independent Schools board of education maintains the following policy on public testimony during board meetings:[8]

All regular and special meetings of the Board shall be open to the public.

The Board invites the viewpoints of citizens throughout the District, and considers the responsible presentation of these viewpoints vital to the efficient operation of the District.The Board also recognizes its responsibility for the proper governance of the schools and therefore the need to conduct its business in an orderly and efficient manner. The Board therefore establishes the following procedures to receive input from citizens of the District:

  • Any individual desiring to address the Board shall complete a form (Request to Address Board) and give this form to the Superintendent prior to the start of the Board meeting.
  • The Board President shall be responsible for recognizing speakers, maintaining proper order, and adhering to a time limit of thirty (30) minutes for all presentations and a maximum of five (5) minutes per speaker. In order to ensure that each individual has an opportunity to address the Board, the President may also set a time limit of less than five (5) minutes for individual speakers based upon the length of the comment period and number of requests received.
  • Questions of fact asked by the public shall, when appropriate, be answered by the President or referred to the Superintendent for reply. No action or discussion shall transpire among Board members regarding such questions or comments. Questions requiring investigation shall be referred to the Superintendent for later report to the Board. Questions or comments on matters that are currently under legal review will not receive a response.
  • Members of the public or invited guests may be recognized by the President to assist the Board with information for the conduct of its official business.
  • Personal attacks upon Board members, staff personnel, or other persons inattendance or absent by individuals who address the Board are discouraged. Presenters are cautioned that statements or representations concerning others that convey an unjustly unfavorable impression may subject the presenter to civil action for defamation. Policies KE, KEB, KEC, and KED are provided by the Board for disposition of legitimate complaints, including those involving individuals.[9]


The table below displays the budget for Gadsden Independent Schools:[10]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2013-2014 $61,126,000 41.2% $8,715,815 5.9% $53,468,545 36% $10,868,083 7.3% $14,329,348 9.6% $148,507,791
Averages: $61,126,000 41% $8,715,815 6% $53,468,545 36% $10,868,083 7% $14,329,348 10% $148,507,791

Teacher salaries

Gadsden Independent Schools employed 912 K-12 teachers during the 2011-2012 school year.[2]

The following tables detail the 2014-2015 salary schedule for teachers in Gadsden Independent Schools:[11]

Salary structure - Range 1 ACP
Degree level Minimum salary ($) Maximum salary ($)
BA 31,216 31,683
BA + 15 31,217 31,684
BA + 45 or MA 31,218 31,685
MA + 15 31,219 31,686
MA + 45 or EDS 31,220 31,687
Salary structure - Range 2 Level 1
Degree level Minimum salary ($) Maximum salary ($)
BA 36,418 39,798
BA + 15 36,419 39,799
BA + 45 or MA 36,420 39,800
MA + 15 36,421 39,801
MA + 45 or EDS 36,422 39,802
Salary structure - Range 3 Level 2
Degree level Minimum salary ($) Maximum salary ($)
BA 42,685 47,782
BA + 15 42,687 48,950
BA + 45 or MA 42,688 53,326
MA + 15 42,689 54,634
MA + 45 or EDS 42,690 54,635
Salary structure - Range 4 Level 3
Degree level Minimum salary ($) Maximum salary ($)
MA 53,364 54,175
MA + 15 53,365 55,679
MA + 45 or EDS 53,366 56,406

Schools in Gadsden


Gadsden Independent Schools served 14,182 students in 22 schools during the 2011-2012 school year.[2] The district does not publicly provide historical enrollment data.

District schools

Gadsden Independent Schools operates 22 schools listed below in alphabetical order:[12]

Gadsden Independent Schools
Anthony Charter School
Anthony Elementary
Berino Elementary
Chaparral Elementary
Chaparral High
Chaparral Middle
Desert Trails Elementary
Desert View Elementary
Gadsden Elementary
Gadsden High
Gadsden Middle
La Union Elementary
Loma Linda Elementary
Mesquite Elementary
North Valley Elementary
Riverside Elementary
Santa Teresa Elementary
Santa Teresa High
Santa Teresa Middle
Sunland Park Elementary
Sunrise Elementary
Vado Elementary

Contact information

Gadsden Independent School District.JPG
Gadsden Independent School District
4950 McNutt Road
Sunland Park, NM 88063
Phone: (575) 882-6200

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