Garber raises more contributions then Dean in CT GOP AG race

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July 19, 2010

HARTFORD, Connecticut: In spite of the notable handicaps of having entered the race very late and not receiving the endorsement of the State Republican Party, Ross Garber, a Hartford attorney, has successfully been able to accumulate a campaign financial war chest that far exceeds his opponent in the Republican primary for Connecticut Attorney General, Martha Dean. According to the Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission, Garber has brought in $72,640 worth of contributions since entering the race in May 2010; he currently has about $60,936 left on hand.[1] His challenger for the Republican nomination, Martha Dean, on the other hand, has only managed to scrap together $25,672.35 (with $13,833.63 left to spend) since launching her campaign, despite having nearly a two month advantage over Garber.[2]

Although Dean's camp has brushed off this bit of news, remarking that "the candidate who spends the most money is not necessarily the best candidate," it hard to dismiss the fact that the state GOP will need a candidate for attorney general who can compete financial against George C. Jepsen, former member of the Connecticut State Legislature and Democratic candidate for state attorney general.[3] Jepsen's campaign committee has announced that after accumulating $84,521 in contributions since entering the race, he has qualified for public financing in the state's Citizens' Election Program.[4]

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