Garmisch Olympic Bid Supporting Question, 2011

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A Garmisch Olympic Bid Supporting Question was voted on May 8, in the city of Garmisch.

Three questions were asked of voters on the city if they supported the games, all three were approved[1]

This question asked residents if they wanted to support Munich's bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics, which would partially be held in the community if the city is chosen. Though this did not have a binding effect on the Olympic committee's decision it was thought that if a majority of voters had been against the games the committee would not award it to the city. Residents felt that to host the games would be environmentally unsound for the region. The group opposed to the bid collected near 2,500 signatures to force the referendum on to the ballot, another group in favor also collected signatures to obtain a referendum vote as well. The head of the German Olympic Sports Union though felt that most residents would support hosting the games.[2]