Gary Frago recall, Atwater, California (2009)

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An effort to recall Gary Frago, who is a member of the Atwater City Council in Merced County was launched in August 2009, but did not proceed to a vote.[1]

Alvin Mayfield, a resident of Atwater, launched the recall effort. The motivation for the recall was the allegation that Frago used his city email address to forward more than 200 emails containing racist jokes and comments. Some of the messages allude to the assassination of the President. Frago sent the emails, however, according to reports, the emails originated from other senders, including retired Atwater city works employee Bob Rieger and a retired Air Force Colonel in Alabama. Some of the senders of the emails stated they saw no harm in the jokes.[2]

Frago was asked to step down, but declined to do so, and as of June 2010, is still a member of the Atwater City Council.[1]

Support for removal

Napoleon Washington, president of the Merced chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, has called for Frago's resignation on behalf of his group. In a September 2009 speech before the Atwater City Council, Washington noted that no members of the city council have publicly called for Frago to step down.[3]

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