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Gary Dunn
Gary Dunn.jpg
Candidate for
Governor of North Carolina
Date of birthMarch 4, 1954
Place of birthPhiladelphia, PA
Campaign website
Gary Dunn was a 2012 Democratic candidate for Governor of North Carolina in the 2012 elections.[1] He previously ran for governor in 1992 as a Republican. He explained the partisan change on his website:
Why the change? Everybody changes over time, maybe I have matured, or the ideas and Democratic Party look like a better place to effect change. At an earlier time I thought that the Republicans were doing a good job, now I see that Democrats are doing a better job in tougher times. I can do the most good as a Democrat.


Dunn was born on March 4, 1954 in Philadelphia, PA. His family moved to Charlotte in 1958, where he has lived ever since. He attended East Mecklenburg High School and earned his GED from Central Piedmont Community College. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in English at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

Dunn worked for 32 years in his family's businesses: Dunn Manufacturing Company and Mutual Industries.


  • GED, Central Piedmont Community College (1972)
  • Currently a student at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte



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Dunn ran for the Democratic nomination for Governor of North Carolina. He lost to Walter Dalton in the May 8th primary election. Bill Faison, Bob Etheridge, Gardenia Henley and Bruce Blackmon also ran.[1]


On his campaign website, Dunn outlines his positions on several issues:[2]

  • Abortion: "I believe abortion should be safe, legal, rare and not an economic issue."
  • Gay marriage: "The moral or religious question is not the one for the office of the governor, as the office of governor and my position is to support and maintain the forum that allows the discussion and debate of the issue, not pick a side on this issue. Making it a personal agenda is reserved for those it affects monetarily, morally and religiously. If that is the only reason besides intolerance, then the money issue should be addressed separately from the religious, or moral. I am not the flag carrier in the cause, but will defend to the death their right to equality, under the law."
  • Immigration: "I propose that any person living in the United States under the shadow of the current Immigration Laws, can become an American Citizen after (7) seven years of having lived in the United States and being gainfully employed. Just as common law marriage is acknowledged from other states, thought not legal in North Carolina, we do acknowledge that this category exist, and give them all the legally and binding rights, including the right to have a say-so in government, that they are entitled to."
  • Border control and legalization of marijuana: "I propose that we decriminalize possession of marijuana. The results of which would eliminate the burden of the state to maintain the laws, house the convicted, eliminate the international transport and human burden and profit motive, thus eliminating some of the desperation of economic immigration between Mexico and the United States."

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