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Georgetown Texas is a city in Williamson County Texas.

Budget Y
600px-Yes check.png
Meetings Y
600px-Yes check.png
Elected Officials Y
600px-Yes check.png
Administrative Officials P
Permits, zoning
Audits N
600px-Red x.png
Contracts Y
600px-Yes check.png
Lobbying N
600px-Red x.png
Public Records Y
600px-Yes check.png
Local Taxes

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Transparency grading process

Evaluating The Website

The good

  • The website for Georgetown Texas includes the names and contact information of all city council members.[1]
  • City council meeting schedules and agendas are published.[2]
  • Administrative officials contact information is available.[3]
  • The current budget is published.[4]
  • There is a procedure for requesting public records.[5]
  • Information on the tax rate and contracts is available.[6][7]
  • Building permits[8] and zoning information available.[9]

The bad

  • Meeting minutes are not published.
  • There is no information on audits and lobbying.

Public Records

The city attorney, Mark Sokolow, is suing the Texas Attorney General for making parts of his job evaluation public.[10]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

Main article: Texas Municipal League members list

Georgetown pays membership dues to the Texas Municipal League, a government sector lobbying association.

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  2. Agendas
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  6. Tax Rate
  7. Purchasing Department
  8. Permits
  9. Planning
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