Georgia's July 31 TSPLOST generating arguments on both sides

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June 26, 2012


By Johanna Herman

ATLANTA, Georgia: On July 31, Georgia residents will have their primary election. Throughout the state, separated by regions, a proposed sales tax increase of one cent will be decided on by residents. Those in favor and against the increase have continued to voice their opinions as the date of the election comes closer. In the city of Atlanta, which is part of a ten county region, the group Americans for Transit have been promoting the tax measure noting that the tax measure would add transit related jobs to the city as well as reduce the city's dependence on cars. Increases in bus and rail fairs have been continuous and proponents note that if the tax is approved those would be reduced again. Proponents also note that the Atlanta region has a severe issue with freeway congestion and too many cars on the rode, adding to support for more community transportation options.[1]

At the other end, opponents make the point that additional taxes seem to be the other way governments know how to fix any problems. In Cobb County, at a recent meeting which was set to inform residents about the tax issue, a resident brought up the point that the ballot language points residents towards approving the measure because the ballot language says the tax would improve transportation in the county. Though the language cannot be changed, opponents still raised the point that it seemed bias towards approval. Opponents also noted that previous transportation taxes which were only supposed to be temporary are still in place and it does not seem fair to add further tax burdens to residents when previous taxes are still in place which were supposed to be temporary.[2]

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