Georgia Assembly proposal could make countywide positions nonpartisan

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January 4, 2012


ATLANTA, Georgia: A proposed bill introduced in the Georgia General Assembly seeks to make countywide positions nonpartisan. Representative Allen Peake was the member who filled the bill which would allow residents in the state to petition for their countywide offices to become nonpartisan. Georgia's seven consolidated governments are currently the only local authority which is allowed to have nonpartisan elected offices. School board members and probate judges are also nonpartisan offices and Representative Peake noted that this new bill would be similar to how those positions are elected. Local leaders would have control over making their positions nonpartisan, this bill would just allow them to make that decision. The Association County Commissioners of Georgia has noted its support for the bill, stating that allowing local leaders to decide is a good option. Others have come out against the bill stating that while it may seek to make positions nonpartisan it is a partisan move still and making positions nonpartisan could be dangerous for voters. Both Republican and Democratic party leaders commented that they did not think the bill would pass both chambers of the Assembly.[1]