Georgia Democrats voiced views on statewide political issues at primary election

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May 21, 2014

By Ryan Byrne

On May 20, 2014, those who selected a Democratic primary ballot in Georgia voted on four statewide political issues. They overwhelmingly approved all four party-specific advisory questions. Some, however, were better received than others. Question 1, dealing with the minimum wage, garnered the highest approval from voters, with 94.54% voting "yes." Specifically, the question asked whether the state hourly minimum wage should be increased above $5.15. Ballotpedia is currently tracking thirteen statewide ballot measure proposals related to increasing the minimum wage. Only two have made the ballot so far, but that’s still higher than in 2012, when zero such measures were on the ballot. Question 2, related to implementing the Affordable Care Act, was approved by 87.64%. Question 3, which had the lowest approval of the four questions, received 84.03%. Question 3 was related to creating an independent ethics commission. Question 4, which suggested placing a higher emphasis on budgeting for education, garnered 85.53%. The question was loosely based on a constitutional amendment proposed by State Senator Jason Carter (D-42), who is currently running for governor.[1]

Below are the election results as of 1:30 pm EST with 158 out of 159 counties reporting. Only 0.63% of the vote remains uncounted. Therefore, the measures are unofficially approved. The following results are from the Georgia Secretary of State.

Question Approval Percentage
Question 1 94.54%
Question 2 87.64%
Question 3 84.03%
Question 4 85.53%

Both the South Carolina Democratic Party and the Republican Party have also placed party-specific advisory questions on their respective primary ballots. Like Georgia, South Carolina has an open primary system. On June 10, 2014, South Carolinians will have the opportunity to vote on a Democratic ballot, which will have three questions, or a Republican ballot, which will have two.

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