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Georgia sees more communities go wet after Tuesdays election

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March 12, 2012


ATLANTA, Georgia: Last week, on March 6, Georgian residents had their chance to vote on their preferred presidential candidate as well as some local issues. Many communities in Georgia had the chance to decide on allowing Sunday alcohol sales in their areas, allowing their communities to go "wet." There were 27 communities in the state that had the question on their ballot, and 24 of those approved the measure. Last November was the first time local residents could vote on allowing alcohol sales in their communities. Now, more than 100 local areas have alcohol sales on Sundays approved. Many other communities are now looking to add this question to their ballots come July. Notable areas that approved alcohol sales this election include DeKalb and Gwinnett Counties as well as the city of Atlanta. The vote shows that attitudes are continuing to change regarding Sunday alcohol sales.[1]

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