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Georgia sunshine lawsuits

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Here is a list of major FOIA court decisions and their effect on the Georgia Open Records Act.
(The cases are listed alphabetically. To order them by year please click the icon next to the Year heading)

" Year Precedent
Athens Newspapers, Inc., et al. v. Classic Center Authority for Clarke County 1989
Atlanta Journal and Constitution v. Long 1988
Atlanta Journal v. Babush 1988
Atlanta Journal v. Hill 1987
Beck v. Crisp County Zoning Board of Appeals 1996
Brennan v. Commissioners of Chatham County 1993
Bryan County Board of Equalization v. Bryan County Board of Tax Assessors 2001
Camden County v. Haddock 1999
City of Atlanta v. Pacific & Southern Company, Inc. 1987
City of Helen v. White County News 1996
Claxton Enterprise v. Evans County Board of Commissioners 2001
Crosland v. Butts County Board of Zoning Appeals 1994
Davis v. City of Macon 1992
Davis v. Shavers 1994
Deriso v. Cooper 1980
Dozier v. Norris 1978
Evans County Board of Commissioners v. The Claxton Enterprise 2002
Fathers Are Parents Too v. Hunstein 1992 This case explicitly established the exemption from open records and public meetings laws for the entire judicial branch of the Georgia government.
Goddard v. City of Albany 2009 Personnel records of municipal employees are not entitled to any blanket exemption from the Georgia Open Records Act
Green v. Drinnon 1992
Guthrie v. Dalton City School District 1994
Hackworth v. Board of Education 1994 This case established a number of important precedents:

1.) This case affirmed the ruling of Red & Black Publishing Company v. Board of Regents in determining that an organization that acts as the vehicle for a public body to accomplish a government function is in fact considered a public agency.
2.) Personal files are not automatically exempt but exempt material may be redacted from them.

Harms v. Adams 1977
Jersawitz v. Fortson 1994
Johnson v. Nicely 1988
Kilgore v. RW Page Corporation 1989
Kilgore v. RW Page Corporation, 1991 1991
Macon Telegraph v. City of Forsyth 1988
Maxwell v. Carney 2001
McLarty v. Board of Regents 1973
Moon v. Terrell County et al. 2001
News Publishing Company d/b/a Rome News-Tribune v. Board of Education of the City of Rome 1991
Newsome v. City of Union Point 1982
Northside Realty Association v. Community Relations Commission 1977
Northwest Georgia Health System, Inc. v. Times-Journal, Inc. 1995 This case established that private corporations need not meet the funding threshold to be considered public bodies if they are instead performing a public function on behalf of or instead of a public body.
Parker v. Lee 1989
Phillips v. Hawthorne 1998
Red & Black Publishing Company v. Board of Regents 1993 This case established that student courts within the University of Georgia are in fact subject to the Georgia Open Records Act and the Georgia Open Meetings Act in that they are acting on behalf of the University Board of Regents.
Schoen v. Cherokee County 2000
State of Georgia v. Kennedy 1985
Steele v. Honea 1991
Times-Journal, Inc., d/b/a Marietta Daily Journal v. Cobb County, et al. 1989
Walker v. City of Warner Robins 1992
Wiggins v. The Board of Commissioners of Tift County, GA 2002
Worthy v. Paulding County Hospital Authority 1979