Gigi Hanna recall, San Bernardino, California (2013)

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An effort to recall Gigi Hanna from her position as City Clerk in the San Bernardino, California did not go to a vote. The petition sponsor said the recall attempt was not directly related to the recall campaign against the city's mayor, city attorney, and city council members.[1]


In July 2012, San Bernardino declared it would file for bankruptcy due to the city's poor financial situation. This created anger among some city residences, who placed blame for the bankruptcy on the city's elected officials.[2][1]

Reasons for recall

The recall petition sponsor, Rey Dandy Lachica, stated the following reasons for the recall effort:[1]

  • Hanna released information that could be harmful to the city's bankruptcy case.
  • Hanna released sensitive personal information of city residences in publicly available documents.
  • Hanna neglected to have license inspectors issue citations to illegal businesses.
  • Hanna created liability for the city by not keeping accurate minutes of City Council meetings.

Scott Beard, one of the leaders of the other San Bernardino recall effort, alleged that the petition was designed to force the city clerk's office to recuse itself from all recall efforts, thereby allowing for an outside attorney friendly to the City Attorney to handle the recalls and related elections.[1] Lachica told reporters, "I don't have any association with any group. I'm just very much aware of what's going on in the city. We have to stop the misbehavior."[1]

Hanna's response

Hanna told reporters, "I am going to flatly deny all the charges and not go into specifics at this point. I think it's really indicative of the political atmosphere in this town."[1]

Path to the ballot

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On May 13, 2013, notice of intent to recall was submitted to the city clerk's office. Hanna recused herself from duties related to processing the effort and handed them to Deputy City Clerk Linda Sutherland. Recall supports were required to collect signatures from 15 percent of the city's voters to force an election.[1]

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