Gilbert tax increase referendum supporters submit signatures

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August 3, 2009

GILBERT, Arizona: Supporters of moving three recently approved tax increases to the November 3, 2009 city-wide ballot submitted a total of 2,513 signatures on the sales tax petition, 2,462 on the use tax petition and 2,378 on the rental tax petition. Referendum supporters were required to collect a minimum of 1,749 signatures for each of the three measures.[1] The council adopted the tax increases in an attempt to close the city's $15-million budget deficit.[2] Referendum supporters, however, said that the tax increases are too simplistic and will only bolster similar problems in years to come.[3]

According to the town attorney, the council's votes cannot be subjected to a referendum. However, some council members said that they are contemplating not rejecting the petitions and delaying the final vote on the town budget until August 1, 2009. The new taxes are scheduled to go into effect September 1, 2009.[1]

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