Gladstone School Board recall, Michigan 2009

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An effort to recall three members of the Gladstone School Board in Delta County, Michigan was started in January 2009 and was then abandoned in March 2009.[1][2]

The three school board members who faced recall were:

  • Gary Micheau
  • Steve O'Driscoll
  • Linda Howlett.

The Committee to Improve Gladstone Schools was the source of the recall effort. Sandra Walker of the Michigan Education Association (MEA) spoke on behalf of the group in September 2008. The MEA has been involved with several other efforts to recall school board members in other Michigan school districts who are not in line with the MEA's goals.[3][4]

Petitioners need to collect 993 valid signatures for each school board member they seek to recall; there are three separate petitions. There is a 90-day window to collect the required signatures based on when the wording on the recall petitions was approved by the Delta County Elections Board.

The 90-day mark for the petitions naming Micheau and O'Driscoll expired Jan. 6. Petitioners now had until April 6 to file that number of signatures.

The Committee to Improve Gladstone Schools may had until May 6 to file completed petitions to recall Howlet..

Recall details

  • The cost of a special election for a recall could be from $3,500 to $4,000 with the cost being borne by the school district.[1]
  • Each individual named in the recall has the right to issue a challenge concerning any signature on the petition bearing their (the official's) name.
  • If a recall is successful, a special election would be held on the next regular election date to fill the vacancies.

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