Gleneagle Water District Levy Increase (May 2010)

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A Gleneagle Water District Levy Increase measure was on the May 4, 2010 ballot in the city of Gleneagle which is in El Paso County.

This measure was approved with about 67 percent of voters in favor.

This measure sought to add an additional $40 a year in property taxes per $100,000 of property value. The money will allow the water district to not be solely dependent on ground water, but would allow for construction of pipes to connect with the Colorado River water system. This is a big step for the district because they are the first in the area to not be totally dependent on groundwater, which is a slowly dwindling resource in the area.[1] Some noted that have secure access to water secures property values, other residents noted that being asked for more taxes would just put more strain on residents who are already struggling. Water service rates are expected to go up as well, once a price is agreed on by the Colorado River authority.[2]