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Gloria Platko recall, Buena Vista Township, Michigan (2013)

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An effort to recall Clerk Gloria Platko in Buena Vista Township, Michigan, from her position was launched in 2013. The recall effort stemmed from a January 2013 call in which Platko called interim manager Dexter Mitchell a racial slur.[1] The filed petition was denied by the Saginaw County Election Commission on December 3, 2013.[2]

Mitchell recorded the call and played it at the April 22 board of trustees meeting. Officials and residents called for Platko's resignation. She apologized for her language but declined to resign.[1]

Petition language

The petition reads:[1]

We the residents of Buena Vista Charter Township expect our leaders to display good judgment in their interactions with their constituents and their colleagues. Our Township Clerk, Gloria Platko, has displayed conduct and behaviors unbecoming of her position including calling our Township Supervisor, Dwayne Parker, an 'Arrogant N-Word' in January 2013. For this reason, in pursuant of Michigan Election Law Act 116-1954-XXXVI, we the residents of Buena Vista Charter Township call for the recall of the Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko.[3]

Platko's response

In response to the recall effort Platko said, "I wasn’t really surprised because of the corruption in this township. I want to know what the recall is for. If it’s for using a word, what does that have to do with my job? What have I not done with my job in the last year?"[1]

Path to the ballot

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Recall supporters filed a petition with Saginaw County on December 3, 2013. The petition was denied following a hearing by the Saginaw County Election Commission. The commission voted 3-0 to deny the petition. They said that the language could not be determined as "factual." Filed petitions must "state factually and clearly each reason for the recall."[2]

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