Golf Elementary School District 67 Tax Levy Increase Question (February 2013)

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A Golf Elementary School District 67 Tax Levy Increase question was defeated on the February 26, 2013 election ballot in Cook County, which is in Illinois.

If approved, this question would have authorized the Golf Elementary School District to increase tax levy rates to 16.3% which is above the currently authorized limitation by at least 13.3%. The estimated revenue from this tax is $1.14 million per year.[1][2]

Election results

Cook County

Golf Elementary SD Tax Question
Defeatedd No61166.05%
Yes 314 33.95%

Election results from Cook County Elections February 26, 2013 election results, Referenda.

Text of measure

Language on the ballot:

Shall the extension limitation under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law for Golf School District Number 67, Cook County, Illinois, be increased from the lesser of 5% or the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index over the prior levy year to 16.3% for the 2013 levy year?For the 2013 levy year the approximate amount of the additional tax extendable against property containing a single family residence and having a fair market value at the time of the referendum of $100,000 is estimated to be $93.80.[1][3]


Chicago-based Taxpayers United of America sent out a release contending that the money from a tax hike will go toward teacher and administrator salaries and encouraging the rejection of this tax increase. The release includes a quote from Taxpayers United President Jim Tobin, saying,"This is the only property tax increase referendum on the February ballot in the entire State of Illinois. Homeowners in District 67 twice before defeated such a referendum at the ballot box, but these greedy District 67 government teachers and bureaucrats are back for a third try."[4][2]


The District, however, says they plan to use the money to restore programs cut in an effort to reduce expenses such as all-day kindergarten and Superintendent Reilly responded to Tobin's accusation of "greedy Distriction 67 government teachers and bureaucrats" by saying that her superintendent’s salary is the lowest among her peers in Niles Township and the second-lowest in Cook County. Reilly also said that she was not concerned by the Taxpayers United of America press release since the district had already disseminated information regarding the referendum.[2]

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