Gov. Christite says the Battle on "Cap 2.5" is the State v. Trenton politicians

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June 24, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

GREENWICH, New Jersey: With two weeks to go before getting the "Cap 2.5" Amendment out of committee, Governor Chris Christie continued his series of town hall meetings on the proposed amendment in the home district of Senate President Stephen Sweeney[1].

During the hearing held on June 23, 2010, Governor Christie declared the battle on qualifying the "Cap 2.5" Amendment is the people of New Jersey versus Trenton Democrats. The Governor made that statement in response to the 2.9 percent property tax cap proposed by Senate President Sweeney that would not amend the New Jersey Constitution. Also, Christie dismissed Sweeney's plan calling his version of the cap "Trenton swiss cheese."[1]

Governor Christie further explained that the higher 2.9 percent cap has more exemptions compared to his version in which the only exemption for local governments is for debt service payments. Christie said to the attendees of the town hall meeting: "The Trenton Democrats say trust us...They want 120 people in Trenton to make that decision and not have you make that decision."[1]

Attendees of the town hall meeting were encouraged by Governor Christie to contact their elected officials in hopes of qualifying the "Cap 2.5" Amendment. Christie said: "Call your legislators with a simple message, let me vote."[1]

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