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Gov: Kentucky legislators have to come back in on Monday

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April 15, 2012

Frankfort, Kentucky: Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D) is calling a special legislative session after the Kentucky Legislature failed to settled road funding. The special session starts Monday, April 16.[1]

During its last session, which started in January and ended on Thursday, April 12, the Legislature was productive, passing a $19 billion budget and addressing issues from Amish buggy rules to drug-abuse crackdowns.[2] But a $4 billion transportation bill failed to make it through the Kentucky State Senate.[1]

Governor Beshear said he was "disgusted and angry" with the legislators, who debated will into the last night of their session.[2] He blamed state Senate President David Williams -- who challenged Beshear in the 2011 gubernatorial race -- for the holdup, saying that in the election, voters "rejected [Williams'] obstructionist policies, they rejected his rank partisanship and I whooped him by 21 points."[1] Williams retorted that the governor had held up the funding legislation by not signing the construction plan in a timely fashion. He added that Beshear's references to the election showed that "he is a small, petty and vindictive individual."[1]

For the special session, Beshear has tasked the Legislature with passing a road funding bill and a bill seeking to deter doctors from over-prescribing pain medications.[1]

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