Governor O'Malley calls for expansive new gun control proposals

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January 15, 2013


By: Josh Altic

Annapolis, Maryland: Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley announced yesterday that he would be pushing for a new comprehensive program of gun control proposals as a response to Connecticut school massacre. Speaking at a two-day gun violence summit at Johns Hopkins University, O'Malley said, "It makes absolutely no sense when you look at the level of carnage on our streets from guns to blame every factor but guns. If we are to have a comprehensive approach then let us be comprehensive."[1]

Among the proposals that the Governor is calling for is a proposal requiring people who desire to own a firearm to turn in finger prints, pass a background check and complete gun safety training. The only exception would be buyers of shotguns and hunting rifles. Other proposals that O'Malley is hoping to push through the legislature include bans on assault rifles and severe limitations on magazine capacity and investigation into the mental health of all applicants for gun ownership.[2]

According to Matthew Larotonda of ABC news, Maryland's Democratic controlled legislature largely agrees with the Maryland governor and it will not be difficult for O'Malley to get approval of his new proposals. This would allow Maryland to join Delaware and New York, among other democratically governed states, in calling for and signing into law strong gun control laws.[2][1]

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