Grayson sends campaign email comparing tea party to KKK

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October 23, 2013


By Jennifer Springer

Orlando, Florida: Florida's 9th District Democratic incumbent Alan Grayson's re-election campaign sent out a controversial fundraising email and tweet that compared the tea party movement to the KKK, titled, “The Tea Party: No More Popular Than The Klan” on October 21, 2013.[1] The email included a graphic image of two Klansmen standing near a giant burning cross. The cross was used to spell out “tea party” in burning flames.[2][3]

Grayson’s campaign twitter account also tweeted a link to the same email, saying: "The Tea Party: “No More Popular Than the Klan.”"[1]

After taking severe criticism for the comparison, Grayson defended the image, saying in a statement, "Regarding the image that the campaign circulated, members of the Tea Party have engaged in relentless racist attacks against our African-American President. For example, when the President visited my home of Orlando, Tea Party protesters shouted “Kenyan Go Home...More generally, the leader of the Texas Tea Party displayed a poster saying “Congress=Slave Owner, Taxpayer=Niggar [sic].” Tea Party Members of Congress have referred to Hispanics as “wetbacks,” and having “cantaloupe-sized calves” from picking fruit. Tea Party candidates, including my opponent in the last election, have endorsed forcing Hispanics to speak English. One could go on and on, because there is overwhelming evidence that the Tea Party is the home of bigotry and discrimination in America today, just as the KKK was for an earlier generation. If the hood fits, wear it."[4]

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