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The Great Plains Public Policy Institute (GPPPI), a 501(c)(3), is a non-profit public policy and educational organization in South Dakota. GPPPI "brings free enterprise and alternative ideas to bear on the most difficult issues facing South Dakota and the nation."[1]

The Institute's mission "is to formulate and promote free enterprise solutions to public policy problems based on the principles of individual responsibility, limited government, privatization and traditional American values."[2]


Policy centers

GPPPI is organized around three main policy centers:[2]

  • Center of Enterprise & Opportunity (CEO) - "Recommendations for eliminating governmental, regulatory and political barriers to entrepreneurial initiative and free trade."
  • Center for Environmental & Regulatory Reform (CERR) - "To promote the approach to environmental issues that emphasizes markets, property rights and individual incentives as a strategy for safeguarding the environment."
  • Center for Education Reform (CEF)- To explore and promote education reform strategies.

Transparency projects

"SD Open Book"

SD Open Book is a project of GPPPI that "is focused on providing information about how the government of South Dakota spends taxpayer dollars and conducts public business."[3] It features categories on economy, education, local government, state government and taxes and spending.

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