Greenville, South Carolina

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Greenville is a city in South Carolina.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

The following is a representation of some of the public money spent on lobbying, either directly or indirectly through government sector lobbying associations.

2006 government sector lobbying, Greenville[1]
Government entity $ spent
Greenville County $36,000
City of Greenville $32,347
Greenville Water system $28,816
Greenville school district $9,085
Greenville’s public charter high school $13,067
The Greenville County solicitor $40,000
The City Recreation District $14,707
Municipal Association of South Carolina $244,104
South Carolina Association of Counties $97,519
The Cities Coalition $54,000
South Carolina School Boards Association $68,237


  1. SCHotline Press Releases, "South Carolina Policy Council: Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Costs SC Citizens $3 Million Annually," July 21, 2008