Gresham City, Oregon Auditor position invalid after eight years

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September 23, 2011


GRESHAM, Oregon: In November of 2004, the city of Gresham had a measure on their ballot which sought to create a City Auditor position to watch over city finances. The measure was approved with 54 percent of residents in favor of the creation, since then two people have been hired to the position. But in a recent review of the charter by a lawyer doing research for the next city charter review, it was discovered that a super majority of 60 percent is needed to pass charter amendments. Creating a new position in the city did amend the Charter therefore the position was not valid as it only reached 54 percent approval. It is not clear how the mistake was made, but the job position was quickly eliminated in response to the error. The auditor who was serving, Julie Nieminski, got another job instead, the city compliance officer. Though the job tasks are similar, it has less freedom than an auditor but it does pay more money. Nieminski though noted that she was glad that the city did not just kick her onto the street and allowed for her to hold another position. The City Mayor conducted a review of other past charter review actions and election results, no other errors were found.[1]

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