Groups spend $6.1 million to influence Montana lawmakers

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May 29, 2013


By Tyler King

HELENA, Montana: Corporations, trade associations, unions and advocacy groups spent nearly $6.1 million to influence state legislators during the 2013 legislative session, according to financial reports filed with the state political practices commissioner's office. Under state law, those hiring lobbyists, using their own staffs, or both, must file regular reports with the political practices commissioner’s office detailing how much they spent. A total of 433 principals and 425 lobbyists registered with the political practices office during the session which adjourned on April 24. The $6.1 million represents an equivalent of about $40,500 spent per lawmaker in the 150-member legislature. The last time total spending on lobbying in Montana rose above $6 million was in 2007, which included a five-day special election.[1][2]

The five groups who spent the most in 2013 were:[3]

  • Compassion & Choices: $160,356
  • MEA-MFT: $120,319
  • Montana Association of Realtors: $113,488
  • CSC Holdings LLC (Cablevision): $110,000
  • AT&T Services: $107,787

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