Haines City, Florida

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Haines City is a city in Florida.


See also: Florida government sector lobbying and Florida League of Cities

Haines City pays membership dues to the Florida League of Cities, a government sector lobbying association.[1]

Website evaluation

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Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning
Public Records
Local Taxes

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The good

  • The budget for the current fiscal year is available, as are archived budgets for the past several fiscal years.[2]
  • Meeting schedules, agendas and minutes are available, though only for part of the current calendar year. Audio and other resources are also provided in many cases.[3]
  • Contact information is available for elected officials, including phone numbers and individualized e-mail addresses.[4]
  • Contact information for administrative officials is provided on each departmental page. Information includes office addresses and phone numbers and individualized e-mail addresses.[5][6]
  • Building permit and zoning information (including permit applications) is available.[7][8]
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) are available and include independent audit reports.[2]
  • A database including details on active, awarded and canceled bids and contracts is available.[9]
  • The city discloses its relationships with registered lobbyists.[10]
  • Considerable information regarding public records and public record requests is available. The city clerk is identified as the primary point of contact for public record requests.[11]
  • Information regarding local taxes is available.[12]

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