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Harms v. Adams

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Number: 238 Ga. 186
Year: 1977
State: Georgia
Court: {{{Court}}}
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Harms v. Adams was a case before the Georgia Supreme Court in 1977 concerning open meetings laws.


Harms v. Adams, 238 Ga. 186 (1977) (Hill, J.): Citizen sought to have certain actions of the Union City planning commission declared void for failure to comply with the Open Meetings Act. The Court upheld dismissal of the suit by the trial court (Etheridge, J.) based on the fact that, although the planning commission's meetings were held in "the mayor's office, a small and crowded room," there was no evidence that any person attempted to gain admission but was excluded. "While plaintiff argues that the planning commission meetings were not open to the public, basically he is contending that the public was prevented from attending because there was no notice of the meetings. Our Sunshine Laws deals with openness of public meetings, not with notice of such meetings." [Note that the present Open Meetings Act requires notice of meetings.] Justice Ingram concurred in the judgment only, without opinion.[1]

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