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Five statewide ballot measures are certified for the November 4, 2014 statewide ballot in Hawaii.

The 2014 legislative session began on January 15, 2014 and concluded on May 1, 2014. All five of the certified measures are legislatively-referred constitutional amendments. The state does not allow initiatives or referendums, therefore, measures must be referred by the Hawaii Legislature. Lawmakers can place amendments on the ballot either via a two-thirds vote in both the Hawaii State Senate and the Hawaii House of Representatives during one legislative session or by a simple majority vote in both chambers, held in two successive sessions of the legislature.

Issues that will appear on the ballot include:

Historical facts

  • Since 1992, an average of four measures have appeared annually on the ballot in Hawaii. Therefore, 2014 is an above-average year based on the number of certified measures.
  • The number of measures on a statewide ballot since 1992 has ranged from two to eight.
  • Since 1992, 30 of 40, or 75 percent, of Hawaii ballot measures have been approved by voters.
  • Conversely, 10 of 40, or 25 percent, of measures have been defeated.

On the ballot

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November 4:

Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Amendment 1 Judiciary Requires the disclosure of names of nominees for appointment to state courts
LRCA Amendment 2 Bonds Authorizes the issuance of bonds for agricultural enterprises
LRCA Amendment 3 Judiciary Increases the mandatory age of retirement for judges and justices to 80
LRCA Amendment 4 Education Permits the appropriation of public funds for private early childhood education programs
LRCA Amendment 5 Bonds Authorizes the issuance of bonds for loan assistance to dam and reservoir owners

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