Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals

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Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals
Court information
Judges:   6
Founded:   1959
Salary:   $191,000[1]
Judicial selection
Method:   Assisted appointment with Senate confirmation
Term:   10 years

The Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals (ICA) is the intermediate appellate court in Hawaii. It was established by the Hawaii Constitution in 1959 and hears appeals from the trial courts and some state agencies. The six judges of the court sit in panels of three.[2]


The Intermediate Court of Appeals has discretionary authority to entertain cases submitted without a prior suit when there is a question of law that could be the subject of a civil action or a proceeding in the Circuit Court, or Tax Appeal Court, and the parties agree upon the facts upon which the controversy depends.[3]

—Hawaii State Judiciary website[2]

Cases in the appellate court may be transferred to the Hawaii Supreme Court at the supreme court's discretion.[2]


JudgeTermAppointed by
Judge Daniel Foley2000-2020Gov. Ben Cayetano
Chief judge Craig Nakamura2004-2019
Judge Katherine Leonard2008-2018
Judge Alexa Fujise2004-2024
Judge Lawrence Reifurth2010-2020Gov. Linda Lingle
Judge Lisa M. Ginoza2010-2020



The court's judges are chosen according to a plan laid out in Article 6, Section 3 of the Hawaii Constitution.


  • A list of 4-6 nominees is prepared by the Hawaii Judicial selection Commission.
  • That list is presented to the governor.
  • The governor chooses a judge from the list.
  • The governor's choice is then subject to the advise and consent of the Hawaii Senate.[6]

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