Hawaii budget deadline extended

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April 30, 2012


HONOLULU, Hawaii The state's budget, which was supposed to be passed by April 27, 2012, has been given an extension until April 30. Had an extension not been given, a number of measures, including grants-in-aid, tax credits and economic stimulus proposals, would have died in committee.[1]

After the deadline, Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman David Ige stated, “We never had agreement, and it wasn’t close."[1]

The deadline for passing the budget is a self-imposed one said House Finance Committee Chairman Marcus Oshiro. "There’s no constitutional, legal requirement for us to end negotiations or discussions on these bills."[1]

After extending the deadline, President of the Senate Shan Tsutsui said "Allowing these bills to die based on an internal procedural deadline is not in the best interest of the people of Hawaii."[1]


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