Healthcare issue sweeping nation is absent in Maryland

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August 12, 2010

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland and INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: Missouri voters approved a measure last week rejecting federal health care mandates, and other states will follow the Show-Me State's lead in letting their voters decide on the issue. However, one of those states that will not be in that category is the state of Maryland. In this year's legislative session, a measure was proposed to let voters decide the fate of health care in their state, but the measure was not placed on the ballot, as Maryland's legislative session ended on April 12, 2010.[1]

The bill was being sponsored by Senators E. J. Pipkin, Nancy Jacobs and Alex Mooney. Placing a proposed amendment on the ballot must be approved by a 60% vote of each chamber of the Maryland State Legislature. Maryland is one of nine states that implement this process. Indiana will also not see a ballot measure dealing with the issue as well. The measure was a proposal under consideration by some members of the Indiana State Legislature to place before voters, similar to the Arizona Health Insurance Reform Amendment (2010). Senator Dennis Kruse, along with others in the Indiana State Senate, introduced the measure. The 2010 Indiana General Assembly adjourned with no action on the proposal.

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