Healthcare, Sharia law issues hit Alabama legislative session

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March 8, 2011

By Al Ortiz

MONTGOMERY, Alabama: Some hot topic issues are beginning to appear in the state of Alabama, as measures are being proposed in 2011 session that highlight major topics that were on 2010 ballots in others states. One measure, the proposed health care amendment may appear on the November 2012 ballot as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure, according to the text of the amendment, would prohibit mandatory participation in any health care system. The formal title of the proposal is House Bill 60, and was introduced by multiple state representatives in 2011 state legislative session.[1]

Also, a "Sharia Law Amendment" may appear on the November 2012 ballot as well. The measure would prohibit courts in the state from using the Islamic Sharia Law when making judicial decisions. The measure was introduced by State Senator Gerald Allen. The measure is similar to Oklahoma's State Question 755, which was voted on during the 2010 general election. The formal title of the Alabama proposal is Senate Bill 62.[2]

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