Healthcare measures faced mixed voter opinion

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November 8, 2010


Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma: A total of four measures in 2010 sought to opt-out of the approved federal healthcare reform; three were approved by voters. First, appearing on the August 3 ballot in Missouri voters approved the measure by 70%. On November 2, however, the measure appeared in three states: Arizona (approved), Colorado (defeated), and Oklahoma (Oklahoma).[1]

All four measures that appeared on ballots in 2010 aimed to "protect the individual’s right to make healthcare decisions." The measures were known as either the "Healthcare Freedom" or "Healthcare Choice" measures. The same proposals were proposed in at least five other states but failed to qualify for the ballot.

The exact impact of the approved healthcare measures remains unknown. According to reports, it is expected that the measures will have little impact on actual legislation because federal law trumps state law. News reports following the August 3 vote in Missouri indicated that the impact of the approved measure would be resolved in court. Regardless, supporters of the measures argue that measures send a symbolic message to the federal government.[2]

Below are the unofficial election results:

Measure Yes (%) No (%) Final Result
Arizona Health Insurance Reform Amendment, Proposition 106 703,280 (55.37%) 566,914 (44.63%) Approveda
Colorado Healthcare, Amendment 63 744,643 (47%) 834,285 (53%) Defeatedd
Missouri Healthcare Freedom, Proposition C 667,680 (71.1%) 271,102 (28.9%) Approveda
Oklahoma Healthcare Freedom Amendment, State Question 756 638,455 (64.73%) 347,908 (35.27%) Approveda

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