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See Political topic categories for local ballot measures and Category:Political issues addressed in local ballot measures.

Category creation guide


To keep track of the thousands and thousands of local ballot measures, all measures are categorized with a system listing the general political topic, the state name where the ballot occurred, and year it occurred in: [[Category:Topic, State name, Year]]

Note: All political topic categories currently approved for use in local ballot measures are listed below.

In addition to the topic category, each measure should include a approved, defeated or unresolved category after the results are known and posted. This category is preferably added right beneath the "Election results" section of an article. It indicates whether the measure is approved, defeated or currently unresolved and adds the state and year of the measure: [[Category:Approved/Defeated/Unresolved local measure, State name, Year]].

Creating basic category

If a category is added and it is listed in red, that means the category page must be created. Using the example above, Category:Local school bonds, Wisconsin, 2012, let's look at how to create the necessary local ballot measure topic category pages:

1. The categories used on measure pages generally have three parent categories: a local topic/state category ([[Category:Topic, Statename]]), a local topic/year category ([[Category:Topic, Year]]), and the state/year category ([[Category:State Year local ballot measures]])

2. The category pages, like all pages on Ballotpedia, should have a discussion page. The local ballot measure category discussion pages list the local ballot measure template {{lbm}}, the issues template {{wpi}}, and the state abbreviation template {{wi}} [etc.].

Creating parent categories

The three parent categories listed above may also need to be created. They have necessary parent categories as well.

  • Remember to make the discussion pages

All categories above these should already be created.

Suggesting new categories

Have a suggestion for a new local category based off a measure? List it on the talk page.



Category Description Topic badge
Category:Approved local measure Indicates a measure that was approved. Parent category: Category:Local ballot measures
Category:Defeated local measure Indicates a measure that was defeated. Parent category: Category:Local ballot measures
Category:Unresolved local measure Indicates a measure that is unresolved. Parent category: Category:Local ballot measures


Category Description Topic badge
Category:Local advisory committee Relates to the creation of advisory committees
Category:Local advisory vote Relates to non-binding referendum / advisory votes


Category Description Topic badge
Category:City bonds Relates to bonds issued by municipalities {{Bond issues}}
Category:City budget Relates to city budgets {{Budgets}}
Category:City governance Relates to the governance of cities {{Administration of government}}
Category:City tax Relates to municipal taxes {{Taxes}}


Category Description Topic badge
Category:County bonds Relates to bonds issued by counties {{Bond issues}}
Category:County budget Relates to county budgets {{Budgets}}
Category:County governance Relates to the governance of counties {{Administration of government}}
Category:County tax Relates to county taxes {{Taxes}}


Category Description Topic badge
Category:District bonds Relates to bonds issued by special districts {{Bond issues}}
Category:District tax Relates to special districts taxes {{Taxes}}
Category:Special district governance Relates to the governance of special districts {{Administration of government}}

Local business and labor

Category Description Topic badge
Category:Local binding arbitration and labor negotiations Relates to local binding arbitration and labor negotiations {{Labor and unions}}
Category:Local business regulation Relates to the local regulation of business {{Business regulation}}
Category:Local definition of a corporation Relates to the local definition of a corporation
Category:Local labor and unions Relates to local labor and unions {{Labor and unions}}
Category:Local pensions Relates to local laws regarding pensions {{Pension}}
Category:Local project-labor agreements Relates to local project-labor agreements {{Labor and unions}}
Category:Local wages and pay Parent category for categories regarding wages and pay of people {{Wages and pay}}

Local governance

Category Description Topic badge
Category:Home rule charter Relates to create or nullifying a home rule charter {{Administration of government}}
Category:Incorporation, merging and boundaries of local jurisdictions relates to changing the size of local jurisdictions {{Administration of government}}
Category:Local charter amendments Relates to modifying charters {{Administration of government}}
Category:Local civil service Relates to civil service {{Civil service}}
Category:Local elections and campaigns Relates to laws controlling how elections and campaigns are conducted {{Elections and campaigns}}
Category:Local election and voting laws Relates to laws control when and what elections happen {{Elections and campaigns}}
Category:Local governance Parent category for some categories regarding governance at the local level {{Administration of government}}
Category:Local government budgets, spending and finance Parent category for categories regarding local government budgets, spending and finance‎ {{Budgets}}
Category:Local government transparency‎ Relating to local government transparency laws {{Administration of government}}
Category:Local spending limit Relating to imposing and overriding local government spending limits {{Budgets}}
Category:Local term limits Relating to term limits of local government officials {{Term limits}}
Category:Salaries of local officials Relating to the salaries of local government officials {{Salaries of elected officials}}

Local social issues

Category Description Topic badge
Category:Local alcohol Relating to local control of alcohol {{Alcohol}}
Category:Local English language Relating to local requirements for the use of English by the public sector {{English language}}
Category:Local environment Relating to local environmental control {{Environment}}
Category:Local gambling Relating to local regulation of gambling {{Gambling}}
Category:Local immigration Relating to local regulation regarding legal and illegal immigrants {{Immigration}}
Category:Local LGBT issues Relating to the discrimination of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender(LGBT) community {{LGBT issues}}
Category:Local marijuana Relating to local control of marijuana {{Marijuana}}
Category:Local religion Relating to the local use and expression of religion within the public sector {{Religion}}
Category:Local tobacco Relating to local control of tobacco and smoking regulation {{Tobacco}}


Category Description Topic badge
Category:Local education Parent category for categories regarding schools {{Education}}
Category:Local school bonds Relating to issuing of bonds to fund schools {{Bond issues}}
Category:Local school budgets Relating to school budgets {{Budgets}}
Category:Local school redistricting Relating to school redistricting {{Redistricting measures}}
Category:Local school tax Relating to local school tax {{Taxes}}


Category Description Topic badge
Category:California parcel tax Relating to parcel taxes in California {{Taxes}}
Category:City tax Relating to city taxes {{Taxes}}
Category:County tax Relating to county taxes {{Taxes}}
Category:District tax Relating to special district taxes {{Taxes}}
Category:Gann overrides Relating to local Gann overrides in California {{Taxes}}
Category:Local business tax Relating to local business tax {{Taxes}}
Category:Local gas tax Relating to local gas tax {{Taxes}}
Category:Local hotel tax Relating to local hotel tax {{Taxes}}
Category:Local income tax Relating to local income tax {{Taxes}}
Category:Local landfill tax Relating to local landfill tax {{Taxes}}
Category:Local marijuana tax Relating to local marijuana tax {{Taxes}} {{Marijuana}}
Category:Local oil and gas tax Relating to local oil and gas tax {{Taxes}}
Category:Local property tax Relating to local property tax {{Taxes}}
Category:Local sales tax Relating to local sales tax {{Taxes}}
Category:Local school tax Relating to local school tax {{Taxes}} {{Education}}
Category:Local tobacco tax Relating to local tobacco tax {{Taxes}} {{Tobacco}}
Category:Local utility tax and fees Relating to utility tax and fees {{Taxes}} {{Utilities}}
Category:Local vehicle registration tax Relating to local vehicle registration tax {{Taxes}} {{Transportation}}
Category:Local tax Parent category for categories regarding local taxes {{Taxes}}
Category:Tax increase Relating to local tax increases {{Taxes}}
Category:Tax decrease Relating to local tax decreases {{Taxes}}
Category:Tax renewal Relating to local tax renewals, including continuations and replacements {{Taxes}}
Category:Township tax Relating to measures authorizing townships to impose a tax {{Taxes}}


Category Description Topic badge
Category:Local bond issues Parent category for categories regarding local bonds {{Bond issues}}
Category:Local electrical aggregation Relating to electrical aggregation in communities {{Utilities}}
Category:Local fracking Relating to local measures concerning fracking {{Fracking}}
Category:Local energy Parent category for categories regarding energy {{Energy}}
Category:Local fireworks Relating to local firework regulation and sales {{Business regulation}}
Category:Local fluoridation Relating to local fluoridation {{Water}}
Category:Local GMO Relating to regulation genetically modified organisms {{Business regulation}}
Category:Local healthcare Relating to local healthcare {{Healthcare}}
Category:Local hospital bonds Relating to bonds for hospitals {{Bond issues}}
Category:Local housing Relating to housing {{Housing}}
Category:Local law enforcement Relating to local law enforcement {{Law enforcement}}
Category:Local motto and symbols Relating to mottoes and symbols of communities {{Motto and symbols}}
Category:Local property Relating to local property {{Property}}
Category:Local red light cameras Relating to the use of red light cameras {{Transportation}}
Category:Local rent control Relating to local rent controls {{Housing}}
Category:Local transportation Relating to things involving transportation, such as roads, cars, or public transportation {{Transportation}}
Category:Local war and peace Relating to local thoughts on war, peace, and the military {{War and peace}}
Category:Local water Relating to local water {{Water}}
Category:Local welfare Relating to local welfare {{Welfare}}
Category:Local zoning, land use and development Relating to local zoning, land use and development {{Property}}