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You can embed YouTube videos on pages in Ballotpedia. In order to do it:

  • Figure out the identifying number of the YouTube video you want to embed. Once you are on You Tube, looking at the particular video you have chosen, the URL in your browser will look like this:
  • What comes after the v= is what you are looking for.
  • Type: {{#ev:youtube|Jhus42Q07hw}}

Once you hit "save", what you'll get on the page is:

Change the size of the video

To make a smaller version of the video appear on the page, insert some code to reduce its size.

Here's how:

  • Instead of typing with no size instructions like this: {{#ev:youtube|Jhus42Q07hw}}
  • Include size instructions, like this: {{#ev:youtube|Jhus42Q07hw|200}} (The "200" in that line of code is the size instructions).
  • The videos below are sized, respectively, at 100, 200 and 300.

Change video's location on page

If you type this: <div style="float:right;">{{#ev:youtube|Jhus42Q07hw|200}}</div>

Your video will appear on the far right of the page.

Insert a row of videos

You can make a row of videos appear, like this: