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Help:Fixed wiki variables

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Variables can be used on both parser functions, templates and DPL's to include information relative to the page on which the code appears. The following are the conventional variables for mediawiki software. The use of these variables will be discussed in the other pages of the Advanced Help Manual.


{{FULLPAGENAME}}page title including namespaceHelp:Fixed wiki variables
{{PAGENAME}} page title excluding namespaceFixed wiki variables
{{BASEPAGENAME}} page title excluding current subpage and namespace - effectively the parent page without the namespace.Fixed wiki variables
{{SUBPAGENAME}} subpage part of titleFixed wiki variables
{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} associated non-talk pageHelp:Fixed wiki variables
{{TALKPAGENAME}} associated talk pageHelp talk:Fixed wiki variables
{{NAMESPACE}} namespace of current pageHelp
{{SUBJECTSPACE}}, {{ARTICLESPACE}}associated non-talk namespaceHelp, Help
{{TALKSPACE}} associated talk namespaceHelp talk
{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}, {{NAMESPACEE}}etc. equivalents encoded for use in MediaWiki URLsHelp:Fixed_wiki_variables, Help
{{SITENAME}} sitenameBallotpedia
{{SERVER}} server
{{SCRIPTPATH}} scriptpath/wiki
{{CURRENTVERSION}}current MediaWiki version1.22.0
{{REVISIONID}} latest revision to current page1955993
{{REVISIONDAY}}, {{REVISIONDAY2}}, {{REVISIONMONTH}}, {{REVISIONYEAR}}, {{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}, {{REVISIONUSER}} date, time, editor at last edit26, 26, 07, 2013, 20130726154257, Abqualls
{{CURRENTYEAR}}, {{CURRENTMONTH}}, {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}, {{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}}, {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTDAY2}}, {{CURRENTDOW}}, {{CURRENTDAYNAME}}, {{CURRENTTIME}}, {{CURRENTHOUR}}, {{CURRENTWEEK}}, {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}current date/time variables 2014, 04, April, Apr, 17, 17, 4, Thursday, 00:04, 00, 16, 20140417000401
{{LOCALYEAR}} etc. as above, based on site's local time2014
{{NUMBEROFPAGES}}, {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}, {{NUMBEROFFILES}}, {{NUMBEROFEDITS}}, {{NUMBEROFVIEWS}}, {{NUMBEROFUSERS}}, {{NUMBEROFADMINS}}, {{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}} statistics on English Wikipedia; add :R to return numbers without commas480,191, 131,733, 32,489, 2,823,143, , 8,450, 71, 145[1]