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BP-Initials-UPDATED.png This Ballotpedia help article needs to be improved

Articles that need improvement can be identified and classified by the kind of improvement they need. Placing specific article improvement template(s) on an article that needs one or more accomplishes several goals:

  1. It groups that article in with other articles that need the same kind of improvement; this allows people to easily find and systematically fix the articles needing that improvement.
  2. It lets a reader know that the article has been identified as in need of a certain kind of improvement. This is valuable because:
  • The reader may be inspired to do that work
  • It doesn't leave the reader with the mistaken impression that whoever created or is working on the article believes that the article is as good as it could be.

How to use the tags


  • XXXX = tag name
  • MONTH = add the appropriate month. i.e. January
  • YEAR = add the appropriate year. i.e. 2013
  • REASON = add why the tag was added. i.e. typo, news update needed, etc.

Example: {{Law update|Month=January 2013|Reason=factual error in section A}}

If an article does not fit into the projects below but requires an update, add {{Update}} to the page. (see tab "Update: not project specific")

Article improvement tags and lists


Project Update Stub Copyright issue Talk page Neutrality Plagiarism Missing citation Help Where?
Can't find the appropriate template or project? {{update}} {{stub}} {{Wp-copy-vio}} {{talk undefined}} {{biased}} {{plagiarism}} {{fact}} {{BP help}} Here!

Content projects

Writing guidelines
Ballot measures
State legislatures
State executives
Congressional districts
School Boards
Municipal Gov't
Criminal behavior & scandal
News articles
Project Update Expand Intro Missing Quality Stub Other Where?
Ballot measures
State ballot measures {{sbm update}} {{sbm expand}} - - - {{sbm stub}} {{sbm election}} Here!
Local ballot measures {{lbm update}} - - - {{lbm quality}} {{lbm stub}} {{recall update}} Here!
Int'l ballot measures {{intl update}} {{intl expand}} {{intl intro}} {{intl missing}} {{intl quality}} {{ibm stub}} - Here!
Law {{law update}} - - - - {{law stub}} - Here!
Congress {{cong update}} {{cong in progress}} Use {{cong stub}} Use {{cong stub}} Use {{cong in progress}} {{cong stub}} {{cong donor update}} {{inc news}} Here!

Interstate Compacts
Interstate Compacts {{ic update}} {{ic expand}} {{ic intro}} {{ic missing}} {{ic quality}} {{ic stub}} - Here!
Municipal government
Municipal Government {{muni update}} {{muni unique news update}} - - - {{mgov stub}} {{muni in progress}}
{{muni recall update}}
State Executive Officials
State Executive Officials {{SEO unique news update}} {{seo stub}} Use {{seo update}} Use {{seo stub}} Use {{SEO quality}} {{seo stub}} {{seo recall update}} Here!
State Legislatures
State Legislatures {{slp update}} {{slp expand}} - - - {{slp stub}} {{SLP recall update}} Here!

School Board Elections
School Board Elections {{sb update}} - - - {{sb quality}} {{sb stub}} {{SBE recall update}} Here!
Elections: activists, campaign finance, media
Elections {{election update}} {{election expand}} {{election intro}} {{election missing}} {{election quality}} {{election stub}} - Here!
Campaign finance {{finance update}} {{finance expand}} {{finance intro}} {{finance missing}} {{finance quality}} {{finance stub}} - Here!
Influencers Click here for tag details Here!
Recall Click here for tag details Here!
State Constitutions
State Constitutions {{cons update}} {{cons expand}} {{cons intro}} {{cons missing}} {{cons quality}} {{cons stub}} - Here!

Sunshine Review
Sunshine Review {{Sr update}} - - - - {{Stub (Sunshine Review)}} - Here!
Terms, definitions and templates
Templates {{temp update}} {{temp expand}} - {{temp missing}} {{temp quality}} - - Here!
Terms and Definitions {{terms update}} - - - - - - Here!
Policypedia {{plp update}} - - - - - - Here!
Redistricting {{rd update}} {{rd expand}} {{rd intro}} {{rd missing}} {{rd quality}} {{rd stub}} - Here!

Judgepedia {{JP quality}} -

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