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A redirect is a page with no content other than:

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

where pagename is the article or page to redirect to.

This page explains why you might want to create a re-direct and how to do it.

Why create a redirect?

There are three main instances where a redirect is useful. You may wish to create a redirect when:

  1. There are two or more pages on Ballotpedia about the same subject. For example, two pages about the same judge, one page named Michael Corson and another named Michael N. Corson.
    1. In this case, when there are two articles about the same subject on Ballotpedia, you could just delete one of the articles, but it is preferred that you instead redirect one of the repetitive articles to the other article. To do so, you will need to first merge the content from both of the pages onto the page with the name you intend to use as your content page. The page you select as your content page should be properly named according to the naming conventions. If both pages are properly named, you should select the repetitive page that has the most commonly used name for the subject.
  2. A stub article exists on Ballotpedia about an organization or subject that is part of a larger issue that is explored elsewhere on Ballotpedia in a larger, more comprehensive article.
    1. When this occurs, an editor may have started an article about a subdivision of a larger organization, but the article is short, only mildly informative and you expect it to remain that way (that is, you don't expect that you or anyone else will expand or improve upon it). In that case, it is advisable to create a redirect from the article about the subdivision to an article about its national organization.
      If this occurs, redirect the less informative, more poorly written article to the better article. However, if the less informative article has the correct title for the subject, according to Ballotpedia's naming conventions, you should redirect the article that is currently better to the article that has the better title. When so doing, make sure to merge the text from the article you are going to redirect and add it to the selected article.
  3. A page could be called by two or more names, and you want to make the subject easier to locate for visitors.
    1. With some subjects, there may be multiple pages that people know the subject by. For example, help with moving a page on Ballotpedia could reasonably be called Help:Moving a page or Help:Renaming a page. In cases like this, choose the most commonly expected name and redirect any other versions to that.

Creating a redirect

Merging pages

In the case of situations 1 and 2 above:

  1. Open several tabs on your browser
  2. Set one tab to the article you are going to redirect
  3. Set another tab to the article you are going to redirect to
  4. Open the editing screen on the article you are going to redirect
  5. Copy and save the text in that article, because you need to integrate it with the text on the other article, if that will improve the other article
  6. Delete the text from the page you are about to redirect
  7. In the now-empty editing screen, type #REDIRECT [[pagename]]
  8. Click "save"

Creating a page for redirect

In the case of situation 3 above:

  1. Create the page name you want to redirect
  2. In the new, empty editing screen, type #REDIRECT [[pagename]]
  3. Click "save"
  4. Click on the "Talk" tab at the top of the page (upper left corner)
  5. Add a talk page template to the talk page (see a list of talk templates on the Ballotpedia and Policypedia project directories)
  6. Click "save"

Text replace prior page name

After redirecting a page, please use the Replace Text tool to update any mentions of the original page name across Ballotpedia. You should follow this process regardless if when running the redirect/move you left a link behind or deleted the original page. If the page is only linked to in a small handful of places it may be best to replace the links manually instead of using the Replace Text tool. To locate where the page is mentioned/wiki linked, you can use the "What links here" tool.

This step is helpful in clearing up unintentional double redirects, fixing errors in spelling across the site and reflecting the correct or better page title on all Ballotpedia pages. If a link was left behind during the move, readers will still be able to locate the page using the original page title.

If you are unable to perform a text replace based on your user status, please forward any pages that need replacing to

Double redirects

Redirects that lead to other redirect pages are not automatically followed; this type of redirect chain is known as a double redirect. Double redirects are often created in the moving process. For that reason, any time a page is moved, you should check to ensure that your move did not create one or more double redirects.

To check to see if a double redirect has been created from a move, check the "What links here" option for the page, which can be found under the tools menu.

If there are multiple levels of redirects, you need to fix that situation. To correct the redirects, open all redirects that are not directed into the content page, and point to the new location directly.

You can also see a list of all double redirects across the wiki by checking Special:DoubleRedirects. This list can be found under the special pages. To correct double redirects found in this list, open the first page in the redirect chain, copy the page name of the last page in the chain, and update the first redirect with your copied text.

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