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A user page is a page that is automatically generated by the underlying MediaWiki software as soon as any new person registers as a user.

All 10,727 contributors to Ballotpedia have their own user page. Each registered user also has his or her own user talk page. When you are logged-in, you can see your user page on the far left of the upper right-hand menu bar of your screen; the link name displays the username you chose when you registered. Your username will appear in red until you add some content to your user page. User pages are edited using standard editing procedures.

If you take a look at Ballotpedia's list of users, you'll see that some users don't add any information to their user page, leaving it blank. This is common for a user who has only made a few edits. People who edit more regularly, or who are just starting to edit but who have experience with contributing to other wiki-based websites, tend to add some information about themselves to their user page.

Adding content

Most regular contributors add information to their user page. The reasons for doing this are:

  • It helps other contributors get to know you.
  • Contributors and readers of Ballotpedia tend to give more weight to edits made by an editor who has content on his or her user page.
    • If you don't have any content on your user page, any edits you make show up with a red link for your username in the article history.

Types of content to add

Types of content that you may want to add to you user page includes:

  • Your name or nickname
  • Links to pages you've worked on or plan to work on
    • This helps you keep track of your work and projects. You can think of this as creating your own desktop or dashboard that takes you right to the pages or projects you want to be working on.
  • Anything you'd like to share about what motivates you to contribute to building Ballotpedia
  • Links to personal websites or blogs
  • Photograph(s) of yourself
  • User participation badges
  • Any additional information you want to share about yourself
  • Links to websites you like (but don't use your user page to spamdex).

User page etiquette

Generally speaking, your user page is your castle--others usually would not edit your user page, and you would not edit another contributor's user page. However, other contributors might edit your user page if you place images or information on it that violate editing norms (for example, if you violate copyright on your page, or use it to post offensive, libelous, defamatory materials or other forms of vandalism) or if you incorrectly categorize your page.

If you want to leave a note for another user, you can do that by leaving a note on his or her user talk page, not his or her user page.

Editing your user page

Go to your user page and use normal editing procedures.

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