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October 22, 2009

The University of Southern Maine has a great campus. Bar none. It’s not because of the great building structures or the organization of the parking lots and safe environment. It’s because of the convenient location. The university is right smack in the middle of the city of Portland. What’s also convenient is that it was walking distance from my hotel. You can tell what a tight community it is, and that was apparent right off the bat when I walked into the auditorium where Waiting to Exhale, the film about medical marijuana and the importance of legal purchase, was screened. I felt a great sense of friendliness as people asked me who I worked with and what we do as a informational website.

The screening was also enjoyable; who would’ve thought so much information could be packed into 110 minutes?

Cinematography aside, my penultimate full day here in the state of Maine seems to be a busy one. No response yet from the opposing side of Question 5, but ballotpedia.org will try its best to get what we need to help our readers make an informed decision about any ballot issue. Stay tuned for our featured Q&A with the Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative’s Jon Leavitt, who will sit down with us tomorrow morning at his campaign headquarters. Mr. Leavitt will also give us the most recent polling on Question 5.

Keep a look out!


Interesting fact: The Princeton Review named USM one of "The Best Northeastern Colleges" in 2007. According to the review: "USM's price tag would be much higher if dollars were equated with the faculty's dedication to the students."[1]

You should have seen: The farmer's market being held downtown. Which reminds me, keep an eye on: Ohio Livestock Care Standards, Issue 2 (2009)

Coming soon: A campaign spending report that will be posted by Newell Augur and the Maine People for Improved School Education on their website. Mr. Augur noted during our sit down yesterday that the report will be posted by Friday night.

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