Holland City School District Bond Measures, 2 (May 2010)

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Two Holland City School District Bond Measure were on the May 4 ballot in Ottawa County for voters in the Holland City school district.

Both measures were approved
Bond 1:

  • YES 2,400Approveda
  • NO 1,925

Bond 2:

  • YES 2,621 Approveda
  • NO 1,712

The first measure sought to create a bond in the amount of $60,865,000 in order to help with furnishing and equipping new buildings as well as upgrading technology at various schools in the district as well as buying buses.

The second measure sought to create a bond in the amount of $12,385,000 in order to help re-equip two former elementary schools and a K-7 building as well as upgrading technology.[1]

The two proposed measures will add approximately $329 per $100,000 of assessed property value to the current rate of taxes for local residents per year. This rate could be less if state approved low interest bonds are allowed. Proponents noted that even though the sum is large, the school buildings need repairs soon and rates may not be lower in later years. Opponents noted the bad timing of the tax increase and the lack of participation in deciding what the school board would approve.[2] Opponents also noted that some of the proposed needs of the school did not seem to be so urgent as to ask voters for such a large sum now. A large issue is the new tech program, which will cost millions to implement but seems to many residents, to be too expensive for the times.[3]

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