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The House Service Committee is a standing committee of the Colorado House of Representatives.

Per House Rule 25 standing committees for the Colorado House of Representatives are appointed during the first session after a general election. All committee members are appointed by the Speaker of the House.[1] All appointments last one legislative session.[2] With the exception of the House Service Committee all committees will have between ten and nineteen members, as decided by the Speaker of the House. The House Service Committee consists of only four members.[3] The first member elected to a committee will serve as the chairman, while the second person elected will serve as the vice-chairman.[4] The party representation will be set proportionally to reflect the party representation in the House.[5]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: [1]


It shall authorize and review all expenditures for equipment, supplies, and services necessary for the efficient conduct of the business of the House, and shall employ such officers and employees of the House as may be authorized and assign them to their duties, filling any vacancies that may occur from time to time. It shall have full power to summarily remove any officer or employee of the House, but shall be excused from making reports thereon unless requested by some member. It shall attend to the revision, engrossment, and enrollment of all bills, as directed by the House and its committees, reporting thereon from time to time as occasion requires.[6] [7]