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Huntington is one of the five largest cities in West Virginia.

Website evaluation

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This website was most recently evaluated on 7 May 2012.

The good

  • Budget
    • The current budget is posted.[1]
  • Elected Officials
    • City Council members are listed with names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Each member has their own page.[2]
  • Administrative Officials
    • There is a department listing with phone numbers and names for each department head[3]
  • Building Permits and Zoning
    • Permits and zoning forms are available online.[4]
    • Q&A on building and filing for a permit in Huntington is included.[5]

The bad

  • Budget
    • There is no central location for budget documents. Budgets for the last three years are not available.
  • Meetings
    • There is no list of meeting dates or times, or a calendar.
    • Meeting minutes are not listed or archived
    • One meeting agenda is listed, but no previous ones are available.[6]
  • Elected Officials
    • No physical address is listed.
  • Administrative Officials
    • Though contact information is listed for departments, only one kind of contact information (phone number or email address) is available for each person.
    • No physical address is listed.
  • Building Permits and Zoning
    • Zoning ordinances are not posted
  • Audits
    • Some monthly financial reports are posted, but they are not continuous.[7]
    • Audits do not extend three years
  • Contracts
    • Bids are not posted
    • Approved contracts over $10,000 are not posted.
  • Lobbying
    • There is no available information on lobbyists
    • Memberships to associations that lobby on behalf of government entities are not disclosed.
  • Public Records
    • No public records officer information is available
    • Public records policy is not posted
  • Taxes
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Huntington, is a city in Cabell and Wayne counties in the U.S. state of West Virginia, along the Ohio River. Most of the city is in Cabell County, for which it is the county seat. A small portion of the city, mainly the neighborhood of Westmoreland, is in Wayne County. Its population was 49,138 at the 2010 census. Huntington is a part of the Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). As of 2009, the MSA's population was 285,624. Huntington is the largest city within the MSA and the second largest city in West Virginia, behind Charleston. The city is also the home of Marshall University.

Elected Officials

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Huntington operates under a strong mayor/city council form of government. The mayor is elected to four-year terms in partisan elections contested at the same time as the presidential elections. The current mayor is former Cabell County Sheriff Kim Wolfe, a Republican who is currently in his first term. Mayors in Huntington are limited] to three terms[8] and have the authority to veto acts of the city council.

Huntington's city councilors are also elected to four-year terms at the same time as the mayor. There are eleven members of the council, nine of whom represent single-member districts, while the other two are elected at-large by the city as a whole. Huntington's city council has the authority to draft and debate ordinances and can override a mayoral veto with a two-thirds majority. There are currently nine Democrats and two Republicans on the city council.

District City Council District City Council
District 1 Jim Ritter (D) District 7 Scott Caserta (D)
District 2 Teresa Loudermilk (D) District 8 Russ Houck (D)
District 3 Frances Jackson (D) District 9 James Insco (D)
District 4 Nate Randolph (R) At Large Steve Williams (D)
District 5 Sandra Clements (D) At Large Rebecca Thacker (D)
District 6 Mark Bates (R)

The city also serves as the[county seat of Cabell County. The Cabell County Courthouse is located in downtown Huntington on a parcel that covers an entire city block. Within the building are the offices for all of the county's elected officials and their employees, including the sheriff, county commissioners, county clerk, magistrates, and Circuit Court judges.


Below is an abridged record of the gross compensation for the city's elected and administrative employees as of the year 2010. The most well-compensated employee in 2010 was retired police employee Steven P. Hall, receiving over $140,000 in wages and retirement compensation in that year. Former mayor Roger Wolfe received just under $150,000 in total compensation that year. It is unclear how much the current mayor, Kim Wolfe, is compensated.

Top 10 earners in gross wages, 2010[9]
Name Department Gross Wages Retirement Pay Total Compensation
Anthony D. Hazlett Fire $71,570.11 $0.00 $71,570.11
Ronnie G. Lusk Police $71,610.76 $0.00 $71,610.76
Daren M. McNeil Police $71,766.84 $0.00 $71,766.84
Michael B. Albers Police $73,226.28 $0.00 $73,226.28
Hank E. Dial Police $73,317.98 $0.00 $73,317.98
John H. Williams Police $74,032.31 $0.00 $74,032.31
Roger K. Wolfe Mayor $74,999.60 $0.00 $74,999.60
Darrell A. Booth Police $77,013.87 $0.00 $77,013.87
Jonathan T. Combs Police $89,261.71 $0.00 $89,261.71
Steven P. Hall Police $99,249.88 $46,160.66 $145,410.54

There are 446 employees listed in the Herald Dispatch's database, which should serve as an approximate size of the current employment numbers for the city of Huntington.


City spending has increased in the top five expenditure categories between 2010 and 2012. The top five programs to receive funds are the police and fire departments, insurance programs, and road funds.

City Expenditures for Huntington, West Virginia, 2012, Abridged[10]
Description 2010-2011 2011-12
Insurance programs $8,361,459 $8,045,474
Police $11,004,524 $10,904,958
Fire $10,252,681 $10,272,839
Streets $1,476,092 $1,571,951
Contributions & etc. $1,275,502 $1,392,600


Though direct tax levy information is not available, city revenues are available in the budget. This is the most recent information available on Huntington's taxing.

City Revenue for Huntington, West Virginia, 2012[10]
Description 2010-2011 2011-12
Property taxes $4,960,854 $5,218,499
Business & Occupation Tax $15,850,000 $16,300,000
Utility Tax $2,200,000 $2,275,000
City Service Fee $4,537,200 $4,650,000
Municipal Service Fee $6,250,000 $5,900,000

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