Huntington Town Council District Creation (2009)

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The Huntington Town Council District Creation measure was on the December 22 ballot in Suffolk County for voters in the town of Huntington.

This measure failed.

  • YES 3,834 (18.71%)
  • NO 16,657 (81.29%) Defeatedd[1]

The petition language was approved, sufficient signatures were submitted and verified, and the measure was placed on the December ballot. This measure sought to create council districts. City council members would represent one district, rather than the entire city. Currently each member of the council is voted on by the entire town. This measure would have created districts, with each district electing one council member from their area. This has been tried before in 2005, but the petition did not acquire enough valid signatures. Those backing the petition want to make it clear that it is not one party against another, but rather the town as a whole deciding that things need to change.[2]

As of October 20, the petition had been turned in and was being reviewed by the council. Opponents said that creating districts would split the town's interests and that this would be detrimental to the town. The group that circulated the petition aimed for more signatures than needed in case some of the signatures were invalidated.[3] Petitioners turned in enough signatures and they were validated by the council. There was an issue with the election date, with those who filed the petition wanting the measure on the November ballot and the council members wanting the measure to be voted on in 2010. A December date was set as a compromise.[4]

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