IL State Elections Board faces pushback on whether to seat U.S. Sen-Elect Kirk

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November 9, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

CHICAGO, Illinois: Members of the Illinois State Board of Elections are under pressure to certify U.S. Senator-elect Mark Kirk as the winner of the November 2, 2010 special and general election.

Americans for Prosperity has launched a internet petition drive to force the State Elections Board to certify Mark Kirk the winner as quickly as possible[1]. Also, the petition calls on current Democrat leaders in the U.S. Senate to seat Kirk immediately after the State Board of Elections sends the paperwork certifying Kirk the winner[1].

The grassroots organizing group thinks it's not right to have Kirk certified more than a week after the lame-duck Congressional session begins[1]. The lame-duck Congressional session begins on November 15, 2010. Members of the State Elections Board will not meet until November 23, 2010 in Chicago to officially certify Kirk the winner. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Kirk may not be seated to the US Senate after November 29, 2010[2].

Phil Kerpen, the Vice President of Americans for Prosperity, told Ballotpedia that Senator-elect Kirk should be seated immediately citing that elections officials in West Virginia and Delaware have already certified the winners of their U.S. Senate special elections. Kerpen also said that the Illinois chapter of Americans for Prosperity is considering to take any legal recourse if necessary[3]. A spokesman for the Illinois State Board of Elections said that they cannot bump up the November 23, 2010 meeting date citing that not all ballots have been counted[4].

Kirk, the current Congressman for Illinois 10th District, won two elections on November 2, 2010, to serve the final 60 days of the unfilled Senate term vacated by President Barack Obama and a full six-year term to the Senate[1].

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